Guild Meeting Review: Jean Barczak

At the February Guild meeting, despite some technical difficulties, we enjoyed a lovely presentation from Jean Barczak all about tips and tricks of the knitting trade. She provided information about the Craft Yarn Council’s list of standard abbreviations found in knitting, how skill levels are ranked for patterns and much more useful information for any knitter or crocheter. You can find all of that information here: Craft Yarn Council

Jean also discussed a few techniques for doing a magic knot to join new yarn in your work. She also had a handout and very informative video for learning how to understand yarn weights. Both of those links are listed here: Irma Garcia joins yarns and Cheryl Brunette – Yarn Weights

Not to mention, she brought out the firebug in all of us while we burn tested some scraps of yarn, which also included a handout for our future reference for those wanton skeins we have lying around that may contain who knows what fiber!

It was a great presentation and the guild appreciates Jean sharing her knowledge!


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