December 1, 2022_Patton Township Building_6:30 – 8:30 PM

Last meeting of the year and it’s our Holiday Party! Check out this link: to sign up for the dish you can bring for the dinner event!
We will have a voluntary gift exchange (bring a gift, receive a gift). If participating, bring a wrapped, fiber-related gift in the $25/$30 range. Gifts will be drawn by number. Any further exchanges will take place privately.
We will feast and early-celebrate the season and make some plans for the New Year!

[Please continue to bring baskets suitable for the Silent Auction at the next For the LOVE of Fiber event that will take place March 18th, 2023. Susan Magargee will collect all baskets for storage. Thank YOU!]

An Event! November 17th

Thursday evening, starting at 6 pm there will be a knit together at Titan Hollow, in Bellefonte, starting at 6 pm.  Here is the link to Titan Hollow for directions: There is FOOD!

 This is a wonderful opportunity to knit and enjoy each other’s company and knowledge about knitting.

November 3rd, 2022_Patton Township Building_6:30 – 8:30 PM

In response to Libby Beiler’s presentation last month we will examine swatches made from her mostly handspun samples. Cast on 20 Stitches, use 4 on each side as garter stitch edges, and stockinette stitch the centers to see how the different yarns present themselves based on their staple characteristics.
There will be planning for the December Christmas celebration and much more!

[Please continue to bring baskets suitable for the Silent Auction at the next For the LOVE of Fiber event that will take place March 18th, 2023. Susan Magargee will collect all baskets for storage. Thank YOU!]

October 6th, 2022_Patton Township Building_6:30 – 8:30 PM

As a special treat, Libby Beiler will join us. Libby will describe different wools and how they knit up for projects. Always informative, Libby has a wealth of sheep knowledge and experience!

September 1st, 2022_Patton Township Building_6:30 – 8:30 PM

Please continue to bring baskets suitable for the Silent Auction at the next For the LOVE of Fiber event that will take place March 18th, 2023. Susan Magargee will collect all baskets for storage. Thank YOU!

This month, JoAnne Voigt will show us the Duplicate Stitch. This very useful technique helps put pictures on the face of knitting without using intarsia. It is rather a kind of embroidery using yarn that matches the knitted stitches underneath. There is homework for this session! Bring a knitted piece of work, stockinette stitch on rather large needles so you have large stitches to work over, in a big enough format (4×4?, 8×8?) to be the background for more than one figure. You will need a tapestry needle and yarns to work the figure. Yarns can be of different colors. You will also need to find a figure you would like to stitch. Using knitting graph paper (free download: sketch out a simple image (heart, bell, circle, star, Scotty dog…?) for the first try.

Bring your pointy sticks and current works-in-progress to share!

August 4th, 2022_Patton Township Building_6:30 – 8:30 PM

 At this meeting, you will have the opportunity to make some stitch markers.  We will have the beading supplies to make 3 different markers.  Please bring the following if you are interested in making the markers:

  1. Reading glasses (if you need them for small work)
  2. Scissors that can cut beading wire.
  3. If you have needle nose pliers that are smooth on the inside surface.
  4. If you have beading tools please bring them as we have a few to share.
  5. A piece of felt or beading mat.  This will help keep the materials in one place.
  6. Any special beads that you may want to use for your stitch markers.
We had a nice time on July 12th when we met to take our picture at the balloon mural. 
Afterwards we enjoyed knitting and each other’s company at Doggies

July 7th, 2022_Patton Township Building_6:30 – 8:30 PM

Bring to this meeting one item that is the oldest knitted item that you still have.  This may take some digging.  Hopefully it will be a fun trip down memory lane.  I know I need to find and dive into a baby bin that has been packed away somewhere inside my house.

The sharing of these projects will be our program for the month.

The balloon mural is up on the outside of the Pugh Street garage!  At the meeting we will select a date for us to go take our picture at it and then have an evening of knitting together.

Our Ravelry Summer Charity KAL has started.  Check it out at:

As always the social knit time will be from 6:30 to 7:00.  The meeting will start at 7 pm.

Happy Knitting!

June 2nd, 2022_Patton Township Building_6:30 – 8:30 PM

We start with a semi-new slate of officers: Julie Breuninger has accepted the post of Vice President and Kathleen Hummiston is now our Treasurer. Congratulations and thanks to both for agreeing to serve and very special thanks to Christine Nebroski and Kathy Horlacher who have served tremendously as Vice President and Treasurer, respectively. We are, and have indeed, been fortunate!

We will have a brief report on the successful (and quite damp) bus trip to Maryland Sheep and Wool festival. A total blast!

This month Libby Beiler will reprise her popular class presented at FLoF, “5 Cast On Methods for Toe Up Socks.” Here is her introduction:
It’s nice to have options, especially when it comes to knitting socks. That being said, there is no shortage of techniques on just about every aspect of sock knitting, particularly heels. Many types come to mind: traditional, afterthought, fish lips, short row…the list goes on. But what about toes? At first glance, it seems fairly straight forward. Cast on a certain number of stitches, and start increasing. But fit, wearability, comfort, and aesthetics are important concerns. Wouldn’t it be great if a variety of cast on techniques for toes were available to sock knitters? Turns out, there are!
Come join us for a fun and VERY enlightening hour completely devoted to cast on methods for toe up socks. If you’ve never knitted a toe up sock before, that’s ok. If you’ve never knitted ANY sock before, that’s ok too! All you’ll need is a 32” or 40” circular needle Size 7 or 8 and some practice worsted weight yarn in a light color. (These are easiest to learn using Magic Loop.)
All five methods are simple, several are mind blowing….guaranteed to make you smack your head, a la V8 commercial…why didn’t I think of that before???
” Libby suggests that you bring a tablet or smart phone in order to follow along with her YouTube channel.

Bring with you as well your WIPs to be admired, your pointy sticks, and your enthusiasm for our Guild!

May 5th, 2022_Patton Township Building_6:30 – 8:30 PM Election of Vice President and more…

At this meeting there will be the election of officers.  Kathleen Humiston has been nominated for treasurer.   We are in need of someone to fill the vice president position.  The duties of the vice president are to attend the quarterly board meetings, monitor the Guild’s gmail account and reply to email inquiries, and conduct a Guild meeting if the president is unavailable.  Please contact Ruth if you have any interest/questions about this position.

 Also at this meeting we will be collecting the yarn balloons for the yarn mural being sponsored by the SC Downtown Improvement District.  Christine Nebroski will take them to the State College’s Downtown Improvement Office. 

The main topic for this Thursday will be the bus trip to Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.

  1. We will be departing from the North Atherton Weis parking lot 
  2. The Fullington bus will be arriving around 6 am
  3. Please plan to arrive no later than 6:15 am.
  4. The bus will be departing promptly at 6:30 am
  5. We will be stopping at a rest stop in Maryland
  6. Admission to the festival is $5.  Have exact bills for faster admittance.
  7. Bring whatever you would like to have on the bus.  The Guild is NOT providing any food or drinks.
  8. We will leave the festival around 4 pm
  9. Dinner will be at the Cracker Barrel in Frederick, Maryland.  
  10. Everyone is responsible for their own meal.
  11. The Guild will cover the cost of the driver’s tip.  Cracker Barrel is supposed to cover the cost of the driver’s meal.  If not, the Guild will pay for it.

Bring your Balloons, current projects, finished projects–We will admire ALL!

April 14th, 2022_Patton Township Building_6:30 – 8:30 PM ONLY ONCE ON 2nd THURSDAY

This is a one-time Change of Schedule! (The Patton Township Meeting room was taken for First Thursday.)

#This is a regrouping after our successful Love of Fiber. We will rehash the event and bring out the data acquired from March 19th.
#Very important, sign up for the bus trip to Maryland Sheep and Wool will be open for members, before opening it up for non-members to sign up, in advance of the May 7th trip. Members who were in good standing last year with dues paid by March 3 this year will be able to ride the bus for no charge while non-members will be asked to pay $56 for the day trip.
#Yarn give away from the stash donated by June Goodwin  Anyone interested in the yarn will be given a ticket.  The tickets will be randomly drawn.  Then the person with that ticket will be able to select an item of yarn.  If there are multiple skeins/cakes of yarn(same color/weight) the person gets all of them.  If there is only one cake of a particular fiber then the person only gets to take that one cake.  After all the tickets have been drawn then people will be free to take any of the remaining items.  Then, any remaining yarn will be donated to Scraps and Skeins.
#Books giveaway from June Goodwin
#Nominations for Vice President and Treasurer
#Show and Tell

This will be a jam-packed meeting! Lots of good information and goodies! Bring your pointy sticks, your current wip and plan for some knittin’ time!

March 3rd, 2022_Patton Township Building_6:30 – 8:30 PM

That Groundhog practically did us in with that ice storm! Not THIS time…
We meet in the proceedings up to For the LOVE of Fiber. Bring any questions about the LoF patches you might have. Tags for labeling the knitted items you want to display on the CKG table will be provided. Please consider how you could volunteer for the March 19 event–there will be a sign up sheet. Please bring any donations for the silent auction baskets that you feel you can give up. REMEMBER, there are two additional donation drop off days at Wegman’s Cafe, February 16 and March 2 between 5 and 7 pm, if you cannot make it to the meeting. Thank YOU! And dues are absolutely due as well! This meeting will be the start of sign ups for the May 7th bus trip to Maryland Sheep and Wool. Last year members who are paid up for this year will be eligible for the free ride to MDSW! Good Times!

February 3rd, 2022_Patton Township Building_6:30 – 8:30 PM Meeting canceled due to ICE Storm

The Day after Groundhog Day! Whew! This month’s project is knitting the LOVE of Fiber patch which we will use to get in the mood for the March 19th LOVE of Fiber Event. Materials you will need: two colors of similar weight yarns with high color contrast, can be of any weight with needles to match the weight. The finer the weight, the smaller the finished patch. These can be worn at FLoF as an identifier for guild members–can be used as a pocket, hung from a name tag, slapped on a mask… These are knit flat in stockinette using Fair Isle technique to form the image. They can be bold or subtle. Be creative, make more than one–it’s fun to do! Susan Magargee will go through the knitting techniques.

Also! If you have contributions for the Silent Auction Baskets, please bring to this meeting. We will meet one more time before March 19th, so start searching now for yarns or equipment that you’ve decided would be better used as a Basket Bonus! Thanks to all!

January 6th, 2022_Patton Township Building_6:30 – 8:30 PM

Happy New Year!! New beginnings–new techniques. This month be prepared for Helix Knitting, a different way to correct jogs in one-row stripes when knitting in the round. This will be presented by our own Jean Barczak.

There is homework to be prepared ahead of time: Choose the yarn of your choice and corresponding needles. To finish the hat you will need double pointed needles. Choose three colors. You will need three stitch markers, one of a different color to mark the beginning of the row. Before the meeting, choose one of the colors (ribbing is done in one color) and cast on the number of stitches divisible by 3 and work 1-2 inches in the ribbing of your choice.

Bring this project along with your current works in progress for an evening of knitting pleasure!

Also, a reminder, 2022 dues are now due for membership. Bring your check or exact change of $15 for another year of Guild doings! This has been a great group to belong to!