December 6th, 2018_ Patton Township Building_6:30 – 8:30 PMAnnual Holiday Party This is a our nod to the season with a celebration of good eats and social knitting.  We sponsor a potluck for all.  Bring a dish (finger food, snack) to share and we will celebrate a little early the upcoming season of cheer.  Tableware is provided, but bring a serving spoon if needed for your offering.  Hot and cold drinks have been volunteered.  Knitters have the reputation of excellent cookery–this should be good! If you desire, bring a wrapped gift for the gift swap.  It should be $20 or less and, please, fiber related.  No jokes or gags!  Purely voluntary–bring a gift, get a gift.  No fisticuffs, just good cheer.  Looking forward to a good time!

November 1, 2018_Patton Township Building_6:30 – 8:30 PM This is the chance to catch up on your Christmas gift knitting.  Bring a hot drink (non-alcoholic, of course) and prepare to get knitting on those projects that will bring joy to those who are knit-worthy for the holidays.  No special program planned just that get-her-done atmosphere!

October 4th, 2018_Patton Township Building_6:30 – 8:30 PM      Hallowe’en fun for all!  We will explore knitted pumpkins for the season.  Not scary.  You will need orange yarn for the main body, with some green for the stem, aran or worsted weight, and size 7 needles.  This will be good short-row practice!

September 6th, 2018_Patton Township Building_6:30 – 8:30 PMThis is the meeting we dedicate to charitable knitting projects.  Norma Zaccagni will present various patterns, yarns, advice that are suitable for our foray into knitting projects for the ones who might need some warm items.  We will explore the charities that receive our offerings and find out what we can do to promote the projects.  If you have a pattern that you find particularly suitable for this sort of project, please bring it along to showcase.

August 2nd, 2018_Patton Township Building_6:30 – 8:30 PM This month Cathy Riemer returns with a workshop on Japanese Short Rows.  With Cathy’s usual precise and detailed instructions you can learn the value of this short row method. 

Materials and homework to prepare in advance: Materials: — Practice yarn in a solid color that makes stitches easy to see — Needles appropriate for your yarn — 6 removable stitch markers or coil-less safety pins.
Homework:  1. Review and practice doing the “ssp” (slip-slip-purl) stitch, a.k.a. “left-slanting purled decrease”: with yarn in front, slip one st knitwise,  slip another st knitwise, return both sts to left needle, reach the right  needle tip around behind and insert it from *left to right* through both  sts, wrap yarn and purl the sts together.  2. CO 35 sts and work at least 3 rows of stockinette, ending with a purl row. Join us!  

July 5th, 2018_Patton Township Building_6:30 – 8:30 PM

We are jumping on the bandwagon with Christmas in July.  Join us for some patterns that will bring the Christmas spirit in the making.  Small ornaments, tiny sweaters, little trees and bottle toppers will be explored.  Jean the KnitWit will be working on a small Santa.  Materials to bring:  bits of worsted or DK yarn in holiday or bright colors, double point needles to match the yarn weight  (US 3, 4 or 5.)   A small salad fork will aid in the making of tiny pom-poms for the tiny hats.  We will have a use for those wine bottle corks you’ve been saving!

June 7, 2018_Patton Township Building_6:30 – 8:30 PM

In continuing reprisal of our classes from The Love of Fiber, Kate Torres will share with us her presentation of Forethought/Afterthought Heel.  If socks have scared you (those heels are intimidating!) then fear no more. This class will teach the forethought-afterthought heel; great for the first-time sock knitter, or the experienced sock knitter who wants a quick and easy way to keep self-striping yarns doing what they do best. We will discuss fit, sizing, using waste yarn to place the heel, decreasing, picking up stitches and knitting the heel.  Materials:  A partially completed cuff-down or toe-up sock that is ready to start the heel (placing waste yarn), or a finished tube sock with waste yarn already in place and ready for pickup. If you’re not ready for that, that’s okay, you can watch and learn!  IT’S TIME TO CONQUER SOCKS!

May 3rd, 2018_Patton Township Building_6:30 – 8:30 For this month’s program Hannah Black will reprise her Needle Felting Demonstration first presented at For the Love of Fiber.  A demonstration only, Hannah will provide tips and tricks for working wool into any form you desire.  Hannah has created marvelous monsters and realistic creatures from nature.  (If we get enough interest, we will try to persuade her to teach a class at a future date for us to make our own little creations.  That’s when the bandaids will come in handy!)  For this meeting we need no supplies, just attention. Join us!

April 5th,2018_Patton Township Building_6:30 – 8:30

This will be our first meeting post For the Love of Fiber–time for a breather and a report on the big event and to greet our newest members!  Our program this month once again features Diane Senn and a continuation of Entrelac program. Last month we worked on a flat swatch in entrelac.  This month it will be a hat done in the round. You will need16 in circular needles, size 5and 6 for a child’s hat and larger for an adult and 2 or more colors of yarn.  With the larger needle, cast on 64 sts and join without twisting. Knit ribbing as long as you want it  or 8 rows of stockinget for a curled edge.  Place markers every 8 sts in the last row. These live sts will be used for the base triangles.
If you weren’t here last month, or want more work on the swatch, you need needles and 2 colors of yarn.  Questions, Diane 237-7340

March 1st, 2018_Patton Township LIBRARY_6:30 – 8:30This is the last meeting before we present For the Love of Fiber to Centre County on the 17th!  Bring all donations, prepare to sign up for volunteering, and bring good cheer!   This month our own Diane Senn will preview her FLoF presentation of Entrelac.  We are the guinea pigs for Diane! The knitting technique known as entrelac produces an interlocking diamond pattern which results in a woven fabric look.  We will be making a swatch which includes the basic triangles and rectangles which make up entrelac patterns.  PLEASE BRING TWO DIFFERENT COLORS OF WORSTED WEIGHT YARN AND  NEEDLES SIZES 6 – 9  (SINGLE POINT OR CIRCULAR) AND TWO STITCH MARKERS.  If you can master this swatch you will be on your way to intricate entrelac!

February 1st, 2018_Patton Township Building_6:30 – 8:30 We are scheduled to meet the Day before Groundhog Day!  There will also be a brief meeting of the For the Love of Fiber Committee that begins at 6:30 and runs concurrently with the regular meeting.

This month, our own Jean Barczak will be showing some new edging techniques.  There is minor HOMEWORK to have ready.  These are swatches to have ready to learn the following techniques:

  • Knitted tendrills. Use any weight yarn and needles you would like. Cast on about 20-25 stitches and do about 6 rows of stockinette.
  • Lateral braid (also called Vikkel or Estonian braid). Cast on about 20-25 stitches and work about 6 rows of stockinette.
  • Buttonloops. Cast on about 10-15 stitches, knit about 5-8 rows and bind off.

January 4th, 2018_Patton Township Building_6:30 – 8:30 We are scheduled to meet this week, Thursday, January 4,for the first meeting in the Happy New Year!  This meeting is centered on Charity Knitting and we will focus on various items to knit and the patterns for them.  If you can come prepared with yarn (acrylic bends or washable wool) and needles to match size-wise,  Norma and Dawn are bringing patterns for hats, mittens, baby sweaters, and more.  Some of these are listed on our Ravelry page https://www.ravelry.com/bundles/charity-patterns-20 so you can get an idea of what supplies you might need. There will be some yarn available, and more as the year goes on.  Norma suggests for her some of her items Size 8 straight or dpns or 12 or 16″ circulars or longer for magic loop, and worsted weight yarn.  The hats seem to need either dpns in size 3 or 4, with sport weight or baby yarn.  Well…bring what you have and we’ll see what happens. If you are interested in Knitted Knockers, the yarn required is sport or DK weight all cotton and soft.  I use US size 4 double points and one stitch marker.  Cathy Riemer has several suggestions for making these even easier to knit.  I will bring pattern notes for these.

This could be an excellent opportunity to learn some new techniques on small practice articles–like a long tail tubular cast on for the Classic Cuffed Hat, or thumb gussets on the World’s Simplest Mittens.  Both of these patterns are found on our Ravelry page as noted above. This can use up some leftover stash, especially if you should choose to make an essay into Fair Isle Knitting as in the Tin Can Knits Clayoquot Toque (https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/clayoquot-toque).  I’ll have some copies of this one.  This isn’t wasted knitting time–it’s learning functional techniques while doing a good deed.  Go ahead–Feel good about yourself!!!