We are very disappointed to announce that we have canceled the 2021 For the LOVE of Fiber event. State College has recently attained national viral hotspot status. Given the indeterminate nature of this cursed plague we are not comfortable inviting people to commingle over the joys of fiber arts in an area that may still be suspect.

In actuality, members of the Centre Knitters Guild enjoy this gathering more than anyone else involved. We are deeply disheartened by this decision, but want to have the best opportunity for people to join us. We love to bring together the various guilds to share in the delight of all the fiber arts. We are pleased to share this with merchants and members of the public as a gift of information and skills.

We absolutely plan to return to this “annual” event in March of 2022 and are working to make it the best LOVE of Fiber ever produced.

Please don’t forget about us!

March 19, 2022

For the LOVE of Fiber