Knot a Problem!

Lindsay posted this to my Facebook and it sounds like my dream job!

Knot a Problem!

I know that not everyone gets the same calming experience from unknotting as it seems these women and I do, so I thought information about this group called Knot a Problem may be a lifesaver for some of you ladies! I know that personally, I have always found serenity in detangling and I am more than happy to help anyone who has incorrigible skeins at home. Feel free to bring them to guild meetings and I would be happy to take a stab at them for you!

If you would prefer help from the professionals, though it sounds like the ladies of Knot a Problem would be happy to tackle the mess for you!

This is how you contact the detanglers through their group on Ravelry:

Here is a brief explanation of how KAP Detangling Services work.

  1. A person with a tangle can either: a) Create a post (preferably with a picture of said tangle) and request anyone to volunteer to detangle it. b) Go to the Detanglers by Location page, locate, and Private Message a Detangler directly with a request to detangle yarn.
  2. If you create a post, please PM the person you choose, and then post in the thread that you have found someone to detangle your yarn.
  3. A person with a tangle is responsible for the cost of shipping to and from a detangler (unless of course a meet up is coordinated).
  4. Detanglers often like small tokens of appreciation for their volunteer work. A person with a tangle can inquire with a detangler what he/she might like – but is no way obligated to provide anything but shipping costs.

NOTE: We all know that life gets busy and we all know that every skein of yarn is precious. Do not volunteer to help someone detangle unless you are absolutely certain that you can commit to the time and responsibility of this volunteer work. All received yarn must be returned to its original owner, unless another agreement has been made between the person with tangle and the detangler.

Note: Please do not create post requests to detangle yarn for people. There are over 2500 detanglers who are eager to help. Please feel free to respond to post requests and private messages made by persons with tangles.



2 thoughts on “Knot a Problem!

  1. Hello there, I have been trying for just over a week to detangle my yarn so that I can continue on crocheting. As I can only do it bit by bit in the evenings when our three little children are asleep this is a very long time process even for me with plenty of patience etc…. So I would appreciate any volunteer in my area who could detangle it for me in short time and I would be very much grateful for this…. I live in Newport area of South Wales, U.K.


    1. Hi Renata! I’m afraid that we are located in the US and don’t have any contacts in the UK. I would suggest that you find a knitting group in your neck of the world and make your plea with them. The hearts of knitters all over the world are big and I’m sure that you can find someone closer to home to help you untangle your knotted mess. Good luck to you!


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