Knitting on an air plane

Saw these tips in a knitting news letter that I get. Since we travel all year long I thought it might be helpful to know these tips ahead of time. I wasn’t sure about number 4 so I looked it up and here’s what I found… Airline passengers can also take small scissors, those with a 4-inch or shorter blade and tools that are 7 inches or shorter with them on the plane, although larger tools are prohibited.


Security on flights is no issue to take lightly. There are all kinds of things you should not bring on a plane, as they could be considered dangerous.What about needles and knitting on airplanes? If you are a knitter, you will rejoice when hearing this. You can knit during a flight, since everyone thinks it is a soothing activity that helps a lot during long flights. However, if you do not want your pointy needles confiscated, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Tip #1: Leave your metal needles at home, and bring only those made of plastic or bamboo. They are more flight friendly and they are not usually considered dangerous by the authorities.

Tip #2: For your convenience, make sure your yarn is well winded prior to embarking. This way, it will not get tangled and make a mess.

Tip #3: Place all your knitting supplies in a transparent bag, so they can easily be seen, without the security staff having to fiddle with them.

Tip #4: No thread cutters! These are strictly forbidden. However, for cutting the extra yarn, bring a pair of children scissors instead.

Tip #5: Since you cannot foretell for sure what kind of supplies may raise suspicions, leave your favorite needles at home. You will not cry over cheap supplies, so bring over just things you know you can part with, without any regrets.

Tip #6: Whenever you are asked about your needles, make sure to be clear and polite when offering the needed explanations. Security staff are just doing their job and they do not want to put you in an unpleasant situation. The quicker you make things clear, the better for everyone.

Tip #7: Always check the list of forbidden items on flights prior to embarking on a plane. Since different countries may have different rules when it comes to this, for international flights, make sure you are up to date with all their regulations.

Have a nice flight!


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