I have a “knitting know-er”

Yes, I have a “knitting know-er” — it works this way.

I am knitting late at night, and I know I should stop and go to bed, but I think. “just one more row, maybe two”. My knitting know-er says, “Stop now and go to bed.” But, I keep knitting, and guess what happens? I make a mistake that takes me a long time to repair. The knitting know-er knows.

Or, I am doing some productive household chore, and I walk by and see my knitting. My knitting calls to me to stop long enough to knit just a row or two and then get back to my housework. So, I stop and knit a row or two, and think that just one more row will be ok. My knitting know-er says, “Stop while you are ahead. Get back to your chores and then come back to knitting. But, I knit one more row — and you know what happens. I make a mistake and it takes more time to repair my mistake than I spent knitting just a row or two. The knitting know-er knows.

Then there is always the time I go into a store that sells crating supplies, etc., and I have no intentions of buying any yarn or anything even related to yarn. But, I think I will just walk through the yarn section, you know, just to look. I am NOT going to buy anything. The knitting know-er says “Stop, walk away before you spot something on sale or something you think you just have to have. But, I go ahead and make that quick trip through the aisle with the yarn, etc. Guess what, I find something I think I have to buy, just as the knitting know-er warned. The knitting know-er knows.

So, that is how it goes when you have a “Knitting- Know-er” Poor thing, I seem to ignore it all the time. 

Anyone else have a Knitting Know-er?


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